GM Advisors was founded with the vision of creating a space of co-operation as well as trust between the disciplines of medicine and law.

Located in Pune, Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra, GM Advisors caters to bridging the gap between Health care professionals and the Legal system by introducing a number of innovative programs aimed at aiding Doctors in matters of legal compliance as well as risk management.

Whether is it registration of hospitals or maintenance and legal compliance, GM Advisors is at the helm of handling all such affairs.

GM Advisors takes care of your complete legal protection in the event of Medico-legal issues including litigious. With an able team comprising of both lawyers and doctors, GM Advisors offers inimitable counsel and advice.

GM Advisors also specializes in negotiating, drafting and execution of medico-legal contracts including surrogacy agreements, adoption deeds and consultation agreements.

Additionally, GM Advisors has pioneered Compliance training programs for para-medical professionals in legal compliance. (CTP-P and CTP-D) These programs provide training to all para medical professionals in maintaining legal compliance ensuring that a doctor's priceless time is utilized in matters of medical concern.

Lastly, our periodic Audits Solutions program aids all health care establishments in identifying and mitigating risk areas along with ensuring legal Compliance.

Availing the services of our Retainership programs, Doctors and Healthcare Establishments can ensure to have legal protection, advice and counsel at all times, only a call away.