Certificate Course in Laws applied to the practice of Medicine

Certificate Course in Laws applied to the practice of Medicine –

Medical jurisprudence refers to that domain of study, where medicine crosses path with the law. Usually the way that Medical Jurisprudence is taught to law students and is used in the court of law involves “applying scientific principles of medicine to solve cases”.

Such an approach is fundamentally different because it is only helpful to lawyers, judges and investigation agencies. They do not help doctors and other health care professionals in understanding their own legal burden or the basics of Medico-legal laws applicable to them.

Taking this into consideration and understanding that there is a real need to design a program in this area, GM Advisors, in collaboration with educational institutions has designed a course specifically to be studied by Doctors and health care professionals.

What will the Course cover –

The Course will be for the duration of two months with classes of 6 hours per week.

This Course , unlike other courses shall not cover the basics of medicine. Au contraire, it will cover the following different aspects keeping in mind the requirement for doctors and health care professionals –

1.  Introduction to law – A peek into basics of law, evidence, criminal trials, consumer complaints, etc.

2. List of laws applicable – In brief

3. Rights and liabilities of doctors – Code of Medical ethics

4. Legal Compliance

Covering these 4 aspects, Doctors will get a full overview of laws applicable to them, their rights and liabilities, risk management, legal compliance and basic understanding of how law and legal system functions.

How will the Course help –

The Course will give Health Care professionals an understanding of law and legal system very practically. They, among other things, would be in a better position to –

1.  mitigate legal risk

2. Be abreast with latest legal trends and updates

3. understand the legal aspects of injuries,

4. write better reports in MLC’s,

5. conduct examinations of sexual assault victims in compliance with latest trends and laws

6. be well equipped to appear in courts, face cross-examinations and other legal procedures